Hi Jessa!

Welcome to your personal copywriting proposal page.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me about your business, your goals, and your vision for moving forward.

My mission is to help coaches like you grow their businesses by conveying their message to their audience in a way that feels genuine, authentic, and engaging.

My goal is to make this a fun and luxurious process that feels more like playing than working.

So let’s get to play. ?

Summary of Our Copywriting Objectives

Clear communication is of the utmost importance to a copywriter, so I want to clearly state the objectives we discussed in our discovery call and list out the deliverables that were discussed as well.

The goal for our work together is to create an effective list-building method to prepare for the launch of your new online course.

You currently have a method of gathering email addresses but you feel that it is not optimized and you would like to improve the entire process.

Outlined below are the deliverables that we discussed during our discovery call.

  • Brainstorming and creation of a new freebie to attract new email list subscribers
  • Graphic design of the new freebie
  • Landing page copy to “sell” the freebie (landing page design will be completed by you)
  • Ten-email nurture sequence to deliver to subscribers after the freebie has been delivered

We talked briefly about your new course sales page. I am more than happy to put together a proposal for that project if you’d like.

If I have left any of the other deliverables that we discussed off this list, please let me know.

My Skills and Qualifications

I would never expect you to put the voice of your business or brand in the hands of just anyone.

It’s a crucial component of a successful business and I want you to know that I take the responsibility very seriously.

That’s why I wanted to reassure you that I have the skills and qualifications that you are looking for and you can trust that I will keep the best interest of you, your business, and your clients top of mind during our project.

I have been in the field of online marketing since 2008. I began slowly learning what I could and teaching myself all along the way. In 2013, I started offering my services as a freelance web designer and built a successful web design business called Unleashed Web Design.

I have a long history of loving words and have considered myself a writer for most of my life.

My profession as a copywriter, however, is new. I am currently in a copywriting apprenticeship program with world-renowned copywriter, Ray Edwards.

I am honing my copywriting craft with Ray as my mentor, and currently working toward earning my copywriting certification from him, which fewer than 50 people in the world have obtained.

Alright…that’s enough about me. Let’s get back to YOU.

The 4-1-1

Now we’re getting to the good stuff. The information you’re really ready for.

The details of our entire project.


Let’s Start at the Beginning

The very first order of business when we get started is to complete a full copywriting brief.

This will give me the foundation of the information I will need to capture your voice, your vision, and the attention of your ideal audience.

We will accomplish this by participating in a one-hour Zoom call. The Zoom call will be scheduled upon receipt of all requested assets and current copy.

I will send you the questions we’ll be going over in the call no later than 3 days before our scheduled appointment.

After our Zoom call, I will write the brief, which will contain all the information we discussed. Within two business days, I will send over the written brief for your review so we can both ensure that we are on the same page and moving in the same direction.

The copywriting brief will provide me with information to use in all copy deliverables in our project.

Brainstorming and Writing of a New Freebie

A free gift for your new subscribers, if done well, can set the tone for many more interactions between you and your new prospect.

The freebies that do the best job of establishing the beginnings of a great relationship are easy to digest, very actionable and solve a problem your ideal customer is facing RIGHT NOW.

The best freebie is a delicate balance between solving a problem and leaving your reader wanting more.

Brainstorming and writing the freebie will include the following:

  • Additional research
    • In addition to the copywriting brief, research to understand what competitors are offering, what seems to resonate with your audience, and clues as to what the best freebie might be will be done.
  • I will suggest 3 possible freebie ideas and you will select 1 idea to implement
    • You are the expert on what results you can help your audience achieve. Select the freebie that best highlights your expertise and that you believe will impact your prospects in the most profound way.
  • You will write an outline of the content of the selected freebie
    • Your knowledge and wisdom are the true essence of the freebie and the reason your clients come to you.
  • I will use the content outline to write the freebie
    • I will organize the content in the freebie to compel your readers to use the resource and whet their appetites for the information you will share with them once they are on your email list.
  • Up to two revisions of the freebie content
    • Upon submission of the copywritten freebie, you will be able to request up to two revisions of the copy to ensure it meets your clients’ needs and feels authentic to you and your voice.

Graphic Design of the New Freebie

Your freebie is, in many ways, the first chance you have to showcase your ability to impress your new prospect.

The content of the freebie is important, but the design truly speaks volumes. If properly branded and designed, it establishes credibility, positions you as an authority with a cohesive and recognizable look, and tells your readers that you take every part of your business seriously.

Graphic design of the freebie will include or require:

  • Branding assets
    • Your website has a great and appealing branded look. Graphic design information and files such as colors, fonts, design files and imagery will be requested from you so the design of the freebie will represent your brand.
  • I will put the approved copywritten text of your freebie into a branded PDF file
    • Your freebie will reflect the look and feel of your website and contain your logo and link to your website.
  • Up to two revisions of the freebie design
    • You will be able to request up to two revisions of the design to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the content of the freebie, feels authentic to you, and represents your brand.

Landing Page Copy to “Sell” the Freebie

A robust, helpful, beautifully branded freebie will only help you grow your business if your ideal customers ask for it. 

Creating compelling copy that intrigues your readers and arouses curiosity about the solutions your freebie contains is the best way to “sell” your freebie.

Landing page copy to “sell” your freebie will include:

  • Compelling copy
    • The copy will be limited to a headline, short description of the freebie, and 3-5 bullets that intrigue the reader about what gems are hidden inside.
  • Up to two revisions of the landing page
    • You will be able to request up to two revisions of the landing page to ensure it accurately describes the freebie.

Re-Write of Nurture Sequence Containing Ten Emails

Your nurture sequence is the continuation of the relationship you began with your reader when they joined your email list.

Each email should compel the reader to anticipate the receipt of the next email.

All emails should work to position you as the expert and guide who can help your reader achieve the results they are struggling to achieve on their own.

Since you already have these 10 emails written, I will be editing and organizing the copy instead of writing it from scratch.

Re-write of nurture sequence will include or require (for each email):

  • All current emails in nurture sequence must be sent to me
    • Since your email sequence currently sends one email per week, and I joined your list about 4 weeks ago, I have received 4 emails within your sequence. I will need to have a copy of all 10 emails.
  • Two possible subject lines to choose from
    • Your email subject line must intrigue your reader enough to open the email and extinguish their curiosity. The subject line should also be discreet so as not to make the subscriber feel self-conscious about the email.
  • Email body copy
    • The body copy of each email should be informative but also conversational. If content outside of the email is referenced, it will be linked. But each email will only contain one link so as not to confuse readers and result in inaction.
  • One revision of each email
    • You will be able to request one revision of each email to ensure that your voice and information are represented accurately.

Total Project Price

$2500 – 1/2 due upon contract signing, 1/2 due upon delivery of first draft of all assets

Project Timeline

4-6 Weeks from date of copywriting brief appointment

How To Move Forward


You received a link to this proposal in an email. You can either reply to that email or send me a new email at hello@lorireeves.us and tell me that you’re ready to move forward with our project.

Once I have the green light from you on the proposal, I will send over a contract and an invoice. Half of the project fee is due upon contract signing. The other half is due upon delivery of the first draft of all assets.

This proposal is valid for 30 days from the day it was submitted. Date of submission is March 21, 2019.

Terms & Conditions

The Client means the person or company that has formally entered into the agreement. (That’s you)

The Company refers to the business entity Lori Reeves Marketing. (That’s me)

Quotation means a formal proposal document or price estimates provided over the phone or email.

Approved copywriting brief means the materials from which the work is to be based upon, subject to the approval of ‘the Client.’

Urgent work means copywriting work needed (finalized) within 7 days.

All information in this proposal will be included in the Master Agreement (contract).

The copywriting investment will be confirmed upon the completion and approval of the copywriting brief by ‘the Client’ when any unknown complexities of this project are known. If ‘the Client’ chooses not to proceed, the initial investment (minus the time spent on the copywriting brief) will be refunded.

Any project estimates provided before ‘the Client’ approves the copywriting brief are not guarantees of delivery and should not be taken as such.

Approval of the copywriting brief should be via email or will be assumed when ‘the Client’ sends an amended copywriting brief to ‘the Company.’ Approval of the copywriting of each asset delivered is via an online approval form. If this form cannot be completed, approval should be provided in writing by ‘the Client.’

If written approval is not provided by ‘the Client’ within 7 calendar days of asset delivery the asset will be assumed as approved.

Written revisions must be submitted to ‘the Company’ within 7 calendar days of revision request.

‘The Client’ may terminate the job at any time. In this instance, ‘the Company’ shall invoice for the time spent and work completed to date.

A non-refundable commencement fee of 50% of the total quoted amount is required on acceptance of the quote by ‘the Client.’

Invoicing is done by Intuit QuickBooks Self-Employed. Payment may be made by bank transfer or credit card or Apple Pay. ‘The Client’ is required to pay credit card fees so credit card transactions are subject to a 2.9% surcharge for fees.

Urgent work will incur a 25% surcharge. Why? Because of the other projects shifted around to accommodate.

It is agreed that the copyright for any work delivered to ‘the Client’ remains the intellectual property of Lori Reeves Marketing until all monies due have been paid.

Lori Reeves Marketing cannot be held responsible for how the material produced is used once ‘the Client’ has approved the final draft.

‘The Client’ agrees to indemnify and to hold Lori Reeves Marketing harmless against any and all claims, costs, and expenses, including solicitors fees, due to materials included in any work undertaken at the request of ‘the Client.’

With so many factors contributing to the success of a piece of copywriting, Lori Reeves Marketing cannot make any guarantees as to the performance of the copy created for ‘the Client’.

Due to the complex nature of search engine ranking, Lori Reeves Marketing cannot guarantee any specific ranking as a result of publishing optimized copywriting.