The Enchanted Journey

Big Picture Overview

Are you ready to get a glimpse?

To understand why and how the Enchanted Journey works, I wanted to give you this quick overview. 

If you just dove right into the steps of the process, that would be like building something with a pile of materials before someone tells you what you’re supposed to build.

If you don’t know that what you’re supposed to build is a table, you’re not guaranteed to end up with a table!

This process is unlike any customer journey you’ve ever been told to create before, and there are several moving parts.

After you understand what the goal is and where you’re headed, you can head to your inbox to see the exact details of what you’ll create and how the pieces all fit together.

The Enchanted Journey is above all a list building strategy. But it’s also so much more than that.

It’s a way to build authority and rapport quickly and gain the trust of your potential customers quicker than ever. Let’s take a look at the basic steps.

1. Give Someone a Reason to Give You Their Email Address


You might be thinking that I’m talking about a freebie. But actually I’m talking about getting people to raise their hand for your freebie. Many marketers don’t make enough effort to convince someone to grab their freebie. They think the freebie speaks for itself. But the freebie doesn’t do anything for someone who never gets it. You actually have to “sell” your freebie. I’ll show you how in the Roadmap.

2. When Someone Does Join Your List, Thank Them Differently Than Most


If someone is on your website clearly telling you that they’d like the information you’re offering them (by asking you to send them an email with your freebie), why would you immediately send them away from your website?


Don’t thank your new subscriber for and send them to their inbox. Instead, do something that further establishes you as someone your customer can consider a trusted resource.

3. Create Free Content As Good as Others' Paid Content


This is NOT a new perspective. Every successful online marketer knows that you have to impress your new subscribers with your freebie. Sometimes it’s hard to convince new entrepreneurs to put a lot of effort into content they’ll give away for free.


But let’s look at it a different way. When you visit a vineyard, do they give you a taste of their cheap, crappy wine because they don’t want to open the good stuff? NO!


They know that, in order to interest you in their most expensive wines, they have to let you sample them. Adopt this way of thinking for your own business and you’ll quickly beat out your competition.

4. Keep Your New Subscriber Locked into ONE Journey Only


Engineer your journey so that your new subscriber doesn’t get distracted along the way. All content you share with them should only lead them to ONE other place.


Do not send someone to a blog post on your site with a sidebar, menu at the top of the page, links in the footer, a search bar, etc. 


You can’t control the journey if there are too many options to get off track. Instead, clear the clutter. Treat every page you send them to as a landing page with one call to action (CTA).


This way you can truly guide them through the process of developing your new relationship.

5. Don't Overwhelm Your New Visitors


There’s only so much “new” a person can take at a time. Be careful not to send them on a wild goose chase.


Just lead them through a few pieces of content that establish your credibility and knowledge, in addition to your understanding of their unique struggle. Then let your email nurture sequence carry on the work later.


This will show them that you know how to guide them through to get results, but you also know how to structure content so they don’t feel uncomfortable.

I originally had this page as the step between opting in and reading the journey. But I honestly think it needs to come after the journey. This will be the last step instead of the in between step.