Copywriting & Online Marketing Success Strategies

For Entrepreneurs with Service-Based Businesses

I’m Lori and I’m a copywriter and web designer. I’m like a cocoon for your copy. A caterpillar goes in and a beautiful butterfly emerges. Your ability to change lives is a superpower. I’m just here to help you put on your wings and fly.

Do you feel like you were put on this earth to help people by using your unique set of skills, gifts, and talents?

Do you daydream about a life where you’re exceeding the financial goals you’ve set, confident in your ability to help people solve their problems, and feeling on top of the world because you’re fulfilling your destiny?

Does the thought, “If I can’t make this business work, I’m going to have to find a job that sucks away my will to live,” creep into your mind more often than you’d like?

Your ideal customers are out there searching for you. And you’re on the hunt for them as well. So why are you having so much trouble coming together?

You have a system and process for helping people overcome their struggles and meet their goals.

But if you’re like many other stellar service providers I know, you have trouble communicating the value of what you do.

That’s because you work within your process all. the. time. When someone asks you what you do, you typically begin talking about the process you use to achieve results.

However, your process, as amazing as it may be, is not what your customers want to buy. They want to buy the transformation that happens as a result of putting your unique process to work for them.

And without saying the right words immediately, you lose their attention and they move on to find someone else to help them.

I can help you end the struggle to…

…easily attract your ideal clients

…create the income and impact that you set out to make when you embarked on your entrepreneurial journey

…get your ideal clients to sign on the dotted line without employing used car salesman tactics or pressuring anyone into hiring you

What most coaches, consultants, and creatives do when they’re having trouble getting clients is spend hours painstakingly creating an “ideal customer avatar.”

But for most people that doesn’t work.

You can have a thoroughly written story of who your ideal customer is and still never understand:

  • The real reason they would hire you (it goes deeper than solving their problem)
  • The exact thoughts that they’re currently thinking (in the actual words that are stuck on repeat in their minds)
  • What language will cut through the clutter and actually draw their attention

You can gain instant credibility by figuring out your prospect’s next question and answering it before they have a chance to ask.

You have an arsenal of tools that allow you to help your customers and clients get the results they’re after.

But knowing the psychological triggers that move people along in the purchasing process isn’t one of the tools in that arsenal of yours.

But it IS a tool in mine.

When we join forces, I’ll go to work identifying the real reason your clients are looking for you.

Once we know that reason, we can work together to craft a message that positions you as the expert who knows exactly where they are, where they want to go, and every step necessary to get there.

And once we have that core message crafted, I’ll use it to create a system that:

  • stops your ideal clients in their tracks
  • brings them into your inner circle (your email list)
  • demonstrates your expertise in moving them to the solution they seek
  • and primes them to enthusiastically purchase what you offer

Many people think that copywriting means elaborate wordsmithing or eloquently tying interesting words together.

And I’ll admit that, before I extensively studied copywriting, that’s what I believed it was, too.

For many years I was a web designer and loved the work I did. I knew that content creation was an essential part of a thriving online business, so I spent hours upon hours creating different types of content.

I wrote blog posts, posted on social media, commented on messages in Facebook groups…I tried every single thing that I’d been told would help me grow my business.

But all that time spent creating content wasn’t doing anything for me.

I didn’t get it. I was creating what I believed to be good content.

Yet it wasn’t converting, and it was just taking time away from the craft that I excelled at – designing websites.

Ultimately, I wasn’t able to consistently keep a steady stream of clients knocking at my door.

I couldn’t effectively communicate with people and convey the message that would convert them from a browser to a buyer.

I decided to close the doors on my web design business and take a step back to learn why the attempts I had made before had failed.

I began my deep dive into understanding copywriting, consumer behavior, and the ways to effectively craft messages that inspire, persuade, build confidence, and establish authority.

I now know that copywriting is so much more than I what I initially thought.

Effective copywriting combines the understanding of…

  • Human behaviors regarding fears, hopes, dreams, and aspirations
  • Psychological triggers that ignite curiosity strong enough to propel people through a sales message
  • How to structure messages that effortlessly lead prospects to purchase without hesitation, and
  • The seven essential elements of all effective sales conversations

Your gifts and talents are needed in this world. There are steps you can take to reach the people who desperately need what you offer.

As a creative myself, I used to believe that my gifts were best used to create something beautiful. That’s still the case, but my definition of beauty has changed.

I admire coaches, consultants, and creatives for the aspirations you have in your lives. You know that you can improve the lives and/or businesses of others. Dedicating your life to doing work that changes the lives of others is inspiring to me.

I, too, share the dream of making a huge impact on this world.

But I now believe that I can make a much bigger impact if I help YOU make a much bigger impact.

My vision is to change the world by helping you change the world. Neither of us can make as big an impact alone as we could make together.

The combination of our gifts and talents will reach farther and higher than either of us could have ever dreamed possible.

That’s what happened when Megan and I worked together.

“I was having trouble finding my target audience before I met Lori. She reviewed my website to analyze how effectively I was communicating with my audience. I appreciated the time and energy that she put into helping me with my business. The advice she gave me was thoughtful, insightful and non-judgmental. She also gave me ideas that will help me connect with my ideal customer later on when I create new content. Business owners should definitely contact Lori to help them clarify their messaging and reach their prospective clients.”

Megan Tuvlin

Founder, A Life's Inventory

The Secret Sauce Has Two Ingredients: You and Me

Click the button below and tell me what you do, who you work with, and what your goals are. We’ll then schedule a time to hop on a call so we can get to know one another, gauge your goals and dreams (and the steps necessary to get there), and formulate a plan.

The longer your words fall on deaf ears, the fewer people you’ll impact, the less money you’ll make, and the more you’ll wonder whether you’re on the right path or not.

Let’s set you instead on the path to success.

I know you may have questions. See if your question is answered below.

If it isn’t, send me an email at hello@lorireeves.us and let me know what’s weighing on your mind.

How much does it cost for you to write my copy?

Each copywriting project is different. In order to effectively speak to any customer, we must fully understand the thoughts and emotions they are currently experiencing.

If you don’t have a clear enough understanding of what those thoughts and emotions are, we’ll have to do some initial work to get into the head of your ideal customer and get to the real reason they need to hire you.

Once I have a full understanding of what you have in place now and the results you’d like to see from our work together, I will quote a project fee.

Payment will be collected as follows: 50% is due upon contract signing and the remaining 50% is due upon the delivery of the first draft of copy.

How long will my copywriting project take?

Again, each copywriting project is different. The amount of ideal customer research that is necessary can influence the length of the project. But keep in mind that in any copywriting project, many hours of research are necessary anyway to reap the highest benefits possible.

Copywriting is a process that is about 80% research and 20% writing. Typically projects take between 1 and 3 months to complete, depending on the scope and deliverables.

How will you ensure I’m happy with the copy?

We will be in communication throughout the copywriting project. I will ask for your feedback during our journey together so we can always be sure that we’re headed down the right path.

Once I deliver the full first draft of the copy, you will be able to request up to two revisions. We will work together to make sure the brand voice is consistent and that your audience will swoon over your new words.

I also have a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t LOVE your new copy, I’ll give you your money back.

Don’t wait. Your customers don’t have time to lose. Your services could literally change their lives and they’ve been waiting for you long enough.

Get in touch and tell me about your goals and dreams.

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